We believe people should have the tools that give every person, equal opportunity to become a success in life.

That is our vision. 

No matter who you are, if you are willing to put in the work you can become a success because we give you the tools. 

So what is Gruinn?

Gruinn is a online marketplace dedicated to helping you grow, by giving you the ability to sell products to customers with ease. 

You have a business to run so let us help bring in those customers for you, whilst delivering the highest quality service and trust for customers.

How does it work?

Sign up & upload products

You have products to sell so step one sign up and upload as many products as you want

We bring in the customers

Once your product is uploaded we get to work to bring customers to your door.

Earn Money

Customers are coming and buying your product! Success you earned money, and you are one step closer to that dream!

Platform features

Fast User friendly dashboard

Track your earnings, orders and inventory manage staff, Create coupons Check your reports and reviews All in one easy to use dashboard saving you hours of checking the books.

Total Control Over Your Shipping costs

Set a Global shipping cost that covers all your products or Create shipping classes to set shipping based per product. Your Shipping done your Way.

Real Support From People

We work with you to help get you started. Need advice, having issues or just have general questions? We are here to help for support.

Share & Link to your Social media

Share your products with all the social media giants, Connect your profiles or pages to your store to reach even more.

We only earn 5% Commission per sale

No matter what you are selling we only earn 5% commission from that sale. It's important to us that you earn the majority of the money because our mission is to help you grow!

Affordable Sign Up

Becoming a seller is affordable and you can add unlimited Products or auctions however We do ask for a monthly fee when you are ready to take your business to the next level and start advertising your products.

SEO (Search Engine optimisation)

You can develop your own SEO in your store so you are found easier in search engines. We also work hard to ensure all your products are ranked as high as possible on search engines so people can easily find your products.

Secure Payments

All payments are 100% safe & Secure they are automatically sent to your accounts once a customers buys a product.

Our Story

We believe in creating opportunity at gruinn. We believe in hard working people. 

Our mission is to offer support to all who are striving to improve their lives by creating or building a business.

Running a business is often incredibly hard work and we don’t understand why nobody is offering just a little support and so that is our mission. 

We work tirelessly to maintain a very high standard at gruinn in order to ensure customers only receive the best products and services from sellers. 

We believe this is how you create trust with customers and build strong brands.

Our quality over quantity belief is at the core of gruinn.  

We called ourselves gruinn because we were inspired by a man called victor gruen who is famous for creating the american shopping mall. 

However sadly this was not his whole vision. In fact victor grew to hate what people turned his shopping malls into, selling centres ignoring the importance of people.

We think Victor wanted to build a community or shopping centre not shopping mall.

A community who could access what they need with ease, who work together to support each other and grow together as a community. 

Business is a people to people game after all. 

Trust is essential when dealing with customers and creating a brand. 

All products are checked before they go live on Marketplace in order to maintain a standard and ensure Sellers are reviewed and can be trusted to deliver customers a legitimate and high quality service.  

Advertise your products

We work hard to develop your SEO (search engine optimisation) free of charge to make sure your products are ranked as high as possible on search engines giving you a much better chance of being found by customers. 

Once you are a seller you can buy a Advertising pack to further help increase sales. 

Small business

Only available to Sellers
£ 60
  • Paid Advertising for 10 of your Products


Only available to Sellers
£ 120
  • Paid Advertising for 30 of your Products

Big Business

Only available to Sellers
£ 180
  • Paid Advertising for 60 of your Products

If you Grow We Grow

Let’s Work together and make that vision a reality.    

Become a Seller

£ 10 Monthly
  • Unlimited Products
  • Easily Import products
  • Total control over your shipping
  • Add contact details
  • Add Store Location
  • Create auctions