We are going to save small businesses

The global giants are having a crushing effect on UK local businesses. more and more people are simply not able to survive and compete with them. it is heart-breaking to see these hardworking people who are trying to turn their dreams into a reality simply made irrelevant. 

Small Business Matters

Often heart and soul of a community the local shops need help. Many have tried to survive by going online, however it seems unfair that you must also compete against the platform you are selling on. 

if we don’t do something we may lose the local shops and sense of community.   Everyone has to start from somewhere and its these dedicated people who have taken risks to follow theirs dreams with their small business who make your area what it is. 

Creating a Fair Platform

We’re an Online Marketplace

We launched Gruinn in April 2017 with the mission to help improve people’s lives.

Our first task is to create a fair and easy to use online marketplace that is dedicated to helping small business owners grow. Our job is not to compete with our sellers by selling anything ourselves we are here to connect buyers like yourself with the seller. 

That is our mission to help give the start-ups that important fighting chance. We have seen what the global giants offer and we decided to improve on it so everybody can benefit.

Only Trusted Sellers

We strive to only bring on board honest highly trusted sellers. People who are going to offer you the highest quality service. All sellers have to be approved first before they are allowed to start selling to you by doing this we hope to bring you best service possible so you can be confident you are supporting professional legitimate small business owners.  

How can you help

Other than browsing and finding the product you love the best way you can help support small local business is to leave a Review so other people feel more confident in buying from them. 

There is no such thing as bad feedback, be it a good review or bad leaving a honest opinion on your experience will help others make decisions it may also help the business owner learn from their mistakes or to improve their product quality and much more 

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