We are here to help your business grow. 

You sell the products, deliver the goods and we bring in the customers for you and give you access to all the tools that will make running your business a piece of cake! 

Getting Started With The Basics

Setting Up Your Profile

Before you start selling products People will need to know a little about your business and who you are. You will also need to add your Payment details so money can be transferred to you when you do sell products. 

You can connect your store to your social media, set up your own shipping costs, add purchase notes profile pictures contact details and more. 

A setup wizard is here to help guide you through everything if you are struggling. 

Requirements  (Needed To Get Started)

Add your Payment method (without this nobody will be able to buy your products and your products will not be approved ) 

Upgrading Your Package

 Upgrading your Package will allow you to pay less commission fees. 

Also Keep in mind that the more you pay the better advertisements we can create and more people we can reach for you.  

Adding Products

It’s time to start selling but first you need to add your products. You can create auctions, simple products, variable products or downloadable products it’s up to you. 

Make sure to follow our product guidelines. 

Adding products is simple, Create a title Tell us your price upload images of the product to help showcase what you are selling. Place your product into the relevant category and provide a description for your Product. You can go into further detail and provide the shipping cost control your stock management and much more.

  • Simple Product is a basic Product you want to sell. you provide a title image price and description and you are ready to sell.
  • Variable Products are products where you may need to offer the customer a multiple choice, for example if you are selling a T- shirt you may need to create a size selection and colour selection so customers can choose the size and colour they want. 
  • Auction Products these are products people can place bids on and the highest bid by the end of the auction purchases the Item. You will need to add a start date and end date. You can also offer a buy now price. 
  • Downloadable Products are products you don’t have to physically deliver to you customers as customers can download them. 

Pending Review

In order to create a only trusted seller platform all products are reviewed before they go live onto Gruinn. 

We also take the Information you provide when uploading the product to fix any issues you may have missed such as grammar and spelling mistakes. If you wish to do so you could leave notes for us in the description if you want your product set out in a particular way or if you want us to apply a particular shipping class for you.

We will also use the information you provide to create ads to promote your Products based on your subscription package for you to help bring in customers and finally we will also place you products into the correct categories for you if we feel you have placed one into the wrong category by mistake.  


Once you have a customer order you will receive an Email informing you and the customer the order has been placed. 

from the order menu in the dashboard you can see all the details you will need to complete your order. you can even provide tracking to your orders if you wish to do so. 

Getting paid

Please Ensure you have your payment details set up first. 

Once a customer buys from you  your money will automatically come to you within 7 days. we do not see or touch your money it is all handled through stripe so to see when your money is due to enter your bank account please log in to your stripe account.  

If you have any issue with receiving your money please contact Stripe not us. All your money is handled with stripe to ensure it is 100% safe and protected.  

Keep in mind Depending on what package you use the amount you will earn per sale differs based on your commission you have applied. 


You can apply a global shipping cost that will be applied to every product you upload or Create Shipping classes to apply a shipping cost per product. 

Go to Shipping and Set up these Details. Then apply the shipping class to the product you want the cost to apply to when uploading or editing a product. 

Contact us If you still need any further help!

Mobile Freindly

You will not always have access to your computer. so you may be happy to know you can manage everything on the go using your Phone.

Basic Selling Tips

Uploading Pictures

When Uploading Images try to use As many Pictures as Possible that Clearly show the Product you are Selling and Images that showcase The product features and all the different angles. 

Products with a White Background will perform better on search engines so this may be something you can keep in mind.  

Title & Description

Your Title should be a short and easy to understand summary of the product you are selling. You can try putting in keywords that will help you get found easier on search engines too. 

The description of your Product should include all the details the customer will need to know a T shirt for example will need to show sizes so including the measurements of the Shirt will greatly help the customer understand what they are buying.

Chest (cm)34-3638-4042-4446-4850-5254-5658-6062-64
Garment Width (cm)4651566166717681
Garment Length (cm)7174767981848689
Women’s SizeSMLXL2XL   
UK Size8 to 1010 to 1212 to 1414 to 1618 to 20   
Garment Width (cm)4143475056   
Garment Length (cm)6467697172   


Put simply a keyword is a word most customers will type to look for a product for example If the customer is looking for a Bed they will type in the word bed. Seems like common sense but keywords are important when creating your product they will help your product be found easier on search engines and by customers. 

So when creating your product title be sure to include as many keywords relating to your product as possible whilst keeping in mind what will the customer search for?

So It is important to research the most used keywords for your product to give yourself a greater chance of being found.

You also have to keep in mind that your product title is easy to understand and the customer knows what they are buying. 

You cannot just put in every key word possible. because the customer will be confused. 

For example 

4 seater 3 seater chair sofa leather fabric furniture  (this makes no sense and the customer has no idea what they are buying)  

whereas leather 3 seater + 2 seater sofa furniture set ( this makes sense whilst including the keywords)

Purchase Note

It may not seem important but including a thank you or further details within your purchase note will make you seem more professional. 

Delivering good customer service may be the deciding factor if that customer chooses to come back and buy for you again. it will also help build trust and may also get you a review for your store or product compared to just accepting their money and delivering a product then asking them to review the product.

A Simple thank you can go a long way.  


Two sellers may be selling the exact same product but a review means you are trusted so customers will likely buy from the products with High reviews. 

You can get great reviews by sending follow up Emails to customers or delivering a fantastic service and product to your customer. 


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