Sellers are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the adverts they place are suitable for listing on Gruinn that they are legal and decent.

These pages give you some guidelines as to which Products may not be placed on Gruinn but does not represent a complete list. If you are unsure of whether your product can be listed, please contact us

We reserve the right to edit, remove or reclassify any advert at our discretion


  • Products using graphic or obscene or racist language are not allowed.

Copyright Infringement

  • Copies or backups of software and games may not be advertised. Games machines that have been chipped or otherwise modified to allow copied games to be played may not be advertised.
  • Items that exist only in electronic format (software without original media, eBooks etc.) may not be sold without written permission from the copyright holder.

Tobacco Products and Alcohol

  • We do not accept adverts for cigarettes, tobacco related products or alcohol.


Animals are not allowed to be sold through Gruinn.

Animal and Wildlife Products

These guidelines do not apply to living animals.

Animal Based Products such as dog beds & toys are allowed

Ivory and Bone Products

Due to depletion in global populations of vulnerable ivory producing species, Gruinn does not allow any products made from ivory and bone.


  • We do not accept Products for any guns or other firearms.
  • We also do not accept Products for deactivated firearms, replica firearms, or any firearm accessories.
  • Advertisements for crossbows are not accepted.
  • Adverts for any kind of knives are not accepted.

For more information see:

Adult Videos and DVDs

  • R18 classified videos or DVDs may not be advertised.
  • Non BBFC classified videos or DVDs may not be advertised.
  • If your feel your advertisement has been declined by us incorrectly, please provide us with the film’s BBFC classification reference.

For more information see:


  • We only accept Products for lingerie and underwear that is new and unworn.

Business Opportunities

  • MLM schemes that generate income solely through recruiting new members may not be advertised.
  • Adverts for business opportunities must state clearly the product or service to be sold, whether any up front payment is required and whether the work involves the recruitment of further people to the opportunity.

Requests for Money

  • We can not accept adverts requesting money

Vehicle Accessories

  • Devices designed to detect radar may not be advertised.
  • Devices or software designed to decode radio security devices may not be advertised.

Massage & Therapy

  • Those people offering massage, therapy or counselling services must have a valid insurance policy covering public liability and professional indemnity.

Adult Services

  • Products for sexual services are not accepted.
  • Products for escort services are not accepted.


  • You should personally own the item  you are selling (except agents selling or renting property or brokers selling vehicles).
  • If the item is new, you should have it in stock. We do not accept adverts for items that are to be ‘drop shipped’.
  • All Products That Have been out of Stock for two weeks will be removed.

Gaming Machines

  • Gaming machines (fruit and slot machines) may not be sold without a licence or permit from the Gambling Commission